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And The Board Turned Red

About a month ago the world for many Canadians flipped overnight with the arrival of COVID-19 virus finding its way into almost every aspect of our lives. For those of us in the aviation...


On the Line

On the 25th of August I passed my check ride for the mighty Q400 and two days later I had my first flights as an airline pilot. What an adventure it has been! Looking...


Encore Ground School Confirmed

Talked to the WestJet recruiter yesterday and I was officially offered the position of First Officer on the Q400 based in Calgary. I accepted and was able to immediately get a drug and alcohol...

Q400 0

WestJet Encore, Here I Come!

After 6 long, painful weeks, I finally got a call from WestJet this afternoon. I’ve successfully made it through all their recruiting. When they have an opening in their next ground school class, I’ll...

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